CRinge #1

My first ever printed comic book! Cringe #1 is a compilation of several short comics/strips that I drew between 2020-2021, including a 15 page story about a virtual boyfriend on VHS that’s a little too real! Digital version coming eventually.

for the nerds  2016

A short run webcomic made just for nerds and about nerds! It’s finally time that nerds got some comics made just for them!

the daily doodle  2012 – 2015

A daily/semi-daily comic strip that I did for several years. It was sort of an experiment to see how often I could produce a short comic. Lots of good stuff here.  NOTE: My old website was broken so I am gradually re-uploading these.

rudolph the hideous abomination 2009 – 2012

A parody of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. This one’s a bit old but I still think it came out great. Keep in mind that the humor is a bit crude.