Linked here, are most of the comics that I have done for the internet throughout the years. 

For The Nerds (2015) - Finally comics for nerds! In a world that is severly lacking in comics made for nerds and comics that make fun of nerds, I took the risk and made this short lived webcomic.


The Daily Doodle (2011-2015) - Back in 2011 I was pretty busy between my full time job and freelancing. I was frusterated that their wasn't much time to make comics so I started the Daily Doodle as a way to make a daily comic strip in a short amount of time. I started out drawing the comics with ballpoint pen on cheap note paper but it soon evolved into something less sloppy.


Rudolph The Hideous Abomination (2010-2012) - A parody of the classic Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer television special. This was a labor of love that I worked on for a couple of years when I could find the time while working too much. This is the longest single comic story I have written as an adult.

Disappointmentville USA (2007-2009) - My first ever regularly updated webcomic. Disappointmentville was created with my friend Dylan. We came up with the highly original idea of basing the characters on ourselves. It was nothing like every webcomic at the time that was ripping off Penny Arcade. Anyway, this comic was made when I was really young. It shows a bit. Some of the comics are still funny and hold up and others are a little cringey. 


Really Old Comics


These are some of the other short comics that I have written and illustrated over the years. Most are pretty old. They should not be used to judge my current writing and drawing ability.  Regardless of any shortcomings they may have, they are still fun to look at.

Quick comics

Steven Butthole Buisness Cat

All Terrain Hulk

Justice League Fanfiction

Foreshadowing of the Undead

Don Quixote in Office Wacky Time